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This is probably an odd question, but ever notice how much wainscoting there is in classic films? It's everywhere, from the biggest mansion to the cheapest hotel to every police station. Today, you almost never see wainscoting in real life. Did we tear it all out in the 80s? Or is what we see on film a fabrication? Were movie sets not designed to imitate real life? Anyone know?

I love the decor or classic films, and wainscoting is a part of that iconic look.

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This will be absolutely no help in answering your question, but here is the Monty Python sketch about Wainscoting ("We've been mentioned on Telly!").


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Thanks, Mike. I was all over YouTube the last ten minutes and got distracted by the "woody" vs. "tinny" sketch from the last season of MPFC. I do think "wainscoting" is a woody sort of word. Don`t you?

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Can't say for certain, but it's probably connected to the advent of cheaper, quicker, easier-to-install sheetrock panels that are pretty much used everywhere nowadays for interior wall work.

Back in the old days, they would often panel the walls with nice woodwork from floor to ceiling, or at least about halfway up with wainscoting. I agree, it is attractive when done properly. I always thought it served some sort of utilitarian purpose: to protect the lower part of the wall from furniture being banged against it.

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