Nuremberg : A semi-fictitious movie

A semi-fictitious movie

Three of the best known books on World War II – Crusade in Europe by Dwight D. Eisenhower (New York, Doubleday/Country Life Press, 1948), The Second World War by Winston Churchill (London, Cassell, 6 volumes, 1948 – 1954) and Mémoires de Guerre by Charles de Gaulle (Paris, Plon, 3 volumes, 1954 – 1959) contain more than 7,000 pages of written text about the Second World War, yet there is not a single mention of the so called “Holocaust”, not a single reference to the alleged genocide of the Jews and not a single mention of alleged Nazi gas chambers.

These prominent world leaders from three western nations most involved in the War on Germany knew very well that Germans established Labor Camps because they were at war and this was the only way to meet their desperate wartime needs. There has never been a plan or an order to exterminate the Jews, only plans and orders to keep the Jews alive and to minimize life losses, although Jewish plans to destroy Germany are well documented. So what’s all that talk about alleged gas chambers?