The Legend of Bagger Vance : How is this movie PG-13?

How is this movie PG-13?

For sexual content? There was no sex in this film! The closest they got to it was pulling off a necktie and shoulder straps on a dress!

Based on what was labeled for PG-13 and with the way that Matt Damon and Charlize Theron kept looking at each other, I was just waiting for them to storm the bedroom. But it never happened.

This should be PG!

Re: How is this movie PG-13?

the whole part where she almost has sex w/ him 2 bribe him into playing and the scene where the camera moves away and the picture falls as they kiss

Son, that's not a rainbow, that's just the light reflecting of some baboon's waxed ass.

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In Finland this film is rated K7 which means it is not harmful for children 7 years old and older. And it is not harmful for a 5-year-old if you watch it with an adult..
My opinion is that it is a rather good rating for a film like this one.

There is no specific information about this films rating, but universal rules of K7 films are:



Mild violence in audio-visual programmes where the story-line and the characters play the decisive role. Punches, kicking and threatening by a weapon are likely to lead to a higher age rating.

Sexual content

Sex discreetly implied. For example hugging and kisses not leading to actual sexual activity.

Striking of horror

Rather mild and short elements of horror. For example, monster figures and moderate sound effects in animated programmes."

Re: How is this movie PG-13?

It is strange especially since I saw a movie the other day that was clearly PG yet had BN (brief nudity) that was actually pretty showing. I guess Adele in her undergarment and the proposition of whitewashed prostitution was what did it. It seems rather silly though and was probably due to either some Hollywood politics between involved parties or maybe the filmmakers did not feel any need to appeal the rating.

Personally, I think the whole idea of PG-13 is kind of ridiculous, but I understand why they need a middle ground to between PG and R for purely financial reasons (as, let's be honest, it is the only reason it even exists).