Roundhay Garden Scene : Zack Snyder doing a remake

Zack Snyder doing a remake

I hear Harriet Hartley is even coming back to do a cameo

Re: Zack Snyder doing a remake

This is a TERRIBLE IDEA. I don't know why Hollywood insists on remaking what was already perfect. I'm sure they'll cut out half the nuance, simplify the plot, cut out the woman with the hat (because she's "too old-fashioned" and "doesn't connect with today's audiences," I'm sure), and then fill in all the gaping holes with moronic CGI. I'm sorry, but I don't need to see a computer-animated derby hat.

And as for Harriet Hartley, I lost all respect for her when I saw her at RoundGarCon 2002 and she tried to claim that the film had nothing to do with the Cleveland-Harrison presidential race. I'm sorry, but was she drunk on set every single day?

Re: Zack Snyder doing a remake

ugh. can't hollywood come up with anything original anymore?!

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