Love Affair : Alternate Casting question--Boyer/Ker r, anyone?

Alternate Casting question--Boyer/Ker r, anyone?

When a poster wished that Cary Grant had been cast with Irene Dunne, it made me wonder what would have happened if Charles Boyer could have acted with Deborah Kerr in "An Affair to Remember." First, don't get me wrong, I thought both casts were excellent; had great rapport together; and enjoy both films immensely, but since I felt Boyer brought more to the table when the story turned dramatic, I can only wonder how he and Kerr would have played off each other. Boyer was only five years older than Grant, so the age gap wouldn't have been that much more huge than the one between Grant and Kerr. I do know that Boyer had started doing character roles by 1957 so this probably could never have really happened, but one of my enjoyments in seeing different versions of the same film is playing "cut-and-paste" with the casts. Let me reiterate, I'm not criticizing either film's cast--I'm just playing "what if?".

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Re: Alternate Casting question--Boyer/Ker r, anyone?

I love playing cut and paste actors too - I'm delighted to see another who finds it huge enjoyment.

But I'm sorry to beg out of playing it with this couple - I think Boyer and Dunne are absolutely perfect together. Perfect! They're on exactly the same wave length, same level of irony, of sophistication, of self-awareness, a mix of sublimated sentimentality and true wit and self-doubt. I would NOT want Kerr or Grant to be substituted for either.

This is saying a lot - since I love Grant and Dunne together in their three movies - but Boyer's better in this one than Grant would be. Voice, pausing, height, movement, gestures - he and Dunne just match perfectly!