I Need To Know : Theatrical versions that are on VHS only?

Theatrical versions that are on VHS only?

I've kept a lot of my old VHS tapes, but I only recently started collecting VHS tapes mostly for nostalgic reasons and also because they are dirt cheap. It's fun sifting through the tapes at a thrift store to find an old favorite.

But I started to realize that some of my tapes contain the only official home video releases of the theatrical versions. So far I have Last of the Mohicans, JFK, THX-1138, Star Wars Trilogy (pre-1993 THX remastering, which some purists consider closer to the theatrical cuts), Highlander (American cut) and G.W. Pabst's Pandora's Box featuring the haunting piano score by Stuart Oderman (a new score was created for the DVD release).

I should note that I detest the directors cut of Last of the Mohicans on DVD and it is probably the VHS tape I am most glad I own.

Does anyone know of any others?

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Same here, as there is nothing like going to a yard/garage sale and finding one of your favorites for .25 cents. My favorite find was the Karen Black classic Trilogy of Terror in one of those huge clam shell boxes for half a buck.

Don't hold me to this, but I'm pretty sure there is a version of 1982's The Executioner's Song that is for that format only. There is three versions: 1 that aired on network tv that featured nudity (but not swearing), 1 that is more widely available (Netflix, youtube) which has swearing but no nudity and the rare VHS only version that has both.

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Thanks. A couple more I've found are Highlander 2 and The Beatles' Let It Be. Last I checked Let It Be VHS was going for $85 on the low end.

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I'm pretty sure the VHS version of Some Girls (1988) had a full frontal nude scene of Patrick Dempsey. When they released it on DVD, they chopped the top and bottom of the picture off to fit widescreen TVs, which cut his Jimmer Jammer out of the film.

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Hello Hamilton1781,
I kept several dozens of cassettes, too :-)
My favourite movies are those which feature boy actors (all the renowned names: Driscoll, Schroder, Gallagher, Osment, Culkin, Lloyd, etc. etc.; and of course a host of Europeans not much known in the U.S.)
In that "genre" there are quite a number which are only on video cassette (or, from my point of view, still worse, only in NTSC format but not in PAL) and otherwise only pop up sometimes as b**tl*g, for example:
The Kissing Place (Nathaniel Moreau; my favourite among young Canadian actors)
The Last Winter (ditto) - these two are out on NTSC tapes but I think no other official version exists.
(George's Island, also with N.M., finally came out on DVD some few years ago :-)
Misunderstood, feat. Henry Thomas - just another excellent movie which has, to my knowledge, never been published on DVD. Or did I miss something?
To me, these two are the most annoying cases where a movie company let wonderful movies rot in some archive instead of giving us the chance to watch them on dvd:
a) The Earthling - isn't it a crying shame that this gem where not only William Holden's performance is outstanding but which is an absolute must-have for everyone who thinks Ricky Schroder was simply adorable in his early movies (I admit I do! sigh...:-) is NOT on disc, to this day?
b) Last movie Rick(y) played in when he still was a boy actor: Compared with The Earthling, of course Something So Right is just light weight entertainment; but nevertheless I would like to have it on dvd, one day. No chance, there's only the NTSC tape!
And if I think about all those movies unavailable for me because they are on DVD but only region 1, 3, 4, not region 2, I just could get furious! ;-P
Most of the movies with James Garner are on DVD, by now (like him very much for his "Rockford" movies) but just the one which interests me most is not: One Little Indian; you can buy it by the dozens in region 1, but it's never been released in Europe...
Kind regards

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There are untold numbers of movies that have gotten such a treatment.