Scarlet Street : Throw Momma from the Train…?

Throw Momma from the Train…?

In the movie connections for Scarlet Street, Throw Momma from the Train is listed as a spin-off. It's been a while since I have seen either film, but I don't recall any connection.
Am I missing something here or is this just one of the innumerable errors to be found on IMDB?

Re: Throw Momma from the Train…?

I don't get the "spin-off" category as such but here is one (roundabout) connection that I can think of...

Robinson's Scarlet Street character is Christopher Cross...Chris Cross.

The Hitchcock film Strangers On A Train featured a one-sided plan for two strangers to do a murder each that benefits the other to throw the cops off the scent...the plans originator referred to this "foolproof" method (no connection to the victim therefore no motive) as "Criss Cross".

Throw Momma From The Train is a comedic remake of Strangers On A Train.

Chris Cross/Criss Cross.

Doesn't make it a "spin-off" but it is a connection.

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Re: Throw Momma from the Train…? A Better Criss Cross Connection

In Criss Cross (1949), Dan Duryea plays the odd man out in a triangle with Yvonne De Carlo and Burt Lancaster. Pretty dark heist-gone-bad movie that's worth a look.

For it to be a connect imo, there has to be some kind of extra marker to let the viewer in on the gag, some additional thing that's small, but too noticeable to be easily dismissed. Haven't seen Criss Cross in years, so no idea whether it's got anything besides Mr. Duryea and a (very, maybe too) common plot point, i.e. the triangle.

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