Freaks and Geeks : Moments that made you (literally) lol

Moments that made you (literally) lol

Watched this little gem over the weekend. So glad I decided to.

Without further ado...

Bill after watching a porno: "Are we going to hell for this?"
Haverchuck in general was probably the funniest character. His constant deadpan quips had me busting up all season.

Ken after getting the 'GTFO' look from Kim and Lindsay: "I think I'm gonna go pee."
The line itself isn't very funny. Just the slow realization of what the girls want and how he picks up on it.

"Get a woman laughin' and you get a woman lovin'." Forgot his name, but the Dungeon Master was hilarious all season. He reminds me of a guy I know who is geeky but seems like he's got it all figured out. Great character.

And, finally, fruit-rollups. Both times.

I bled in the mud for our family.

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Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

- "Friday night! Always a good night for some Sabbath! Cause you know, Friday... is the Sabbath... for the Jews?"

- "Don't worry about it. You only have three minutes and twenty-six... twenty-six seconds left... in Heaven."

- The Neal/Morty scenes. Also, Bill's fear of Morty and Mr. Weir's amusement with the act made me laugh.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

Probably a Bill scene. Firsts that come to mind are these ones (actually from the same episode both):

Bill Haverchuck: Remember that time in civics when I had to fart, and it came out, well, a poop? And I had to flush my undies down the toilet? Do you think I wanted to tell you that?

Martin Starr's delivery is so good.

Neal Schweiber: So I wake up this morning, and guess what is sitting on the end of my bed?
Bill Haverchuck: A turd?
Neal Schweiber: Yes, Bill, a turd.
Bill Haverchuck: Ewwwwww! Gross!

Great delivery from Starr again, and I like the sarcastic reaction from Neal.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

A lot of Mr Rosso's lines crack me up, mostly because of his funny delivery.

"You know who didn't go to college? Frank!"
"Frank, the dude who pumps my gas."

When he told us he had herpes, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

Also Harold Weir's sarcastic lines were hilarious.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

I love the scenes where Bill is slow to realize something very obvious...

The moment when Bill realizes the chair didn't make the noise like Cindy had said. It slays me every time when he lifts his head up and the confused look on his face when he figures out she just farted.

And the other one is in Dead Dog and Gym Teachers, where The Who's Love Reign O'er Me is playing as the coach emerges from Bill's mother's bedroom in his underwear, and Bill doesn't understand what is going on yet. Then his mother appears in her bathrobe and hugs the coach, and Bill still doesn't quite get it. Then the coach takes a swig out of the 'Bill' mug, then Bill finally realizes what has happened and is disgusted. Classic.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

In the Secret Service episode, Mr. Rosso is great - talking about how much he earns, and his earnestness about America, even though he is an unreformed hippy.

Also when Ken tells him he thinks he's gay. Great understated acting, and very funny.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

Surprised nobody brought up when Daniel was accused of cheating and he tells the story about being in in track 3. The shots of Lindsey watching him kills me every time and of course the pay off of her finally losing it at the end and Daniel trying to tell her to "be cool"

There is also the time that Lindsey gets high and she is babysitting that kid and she is freaking out.

I agreeing with the other posters who mentioned Bill's scenes. He was usually comedic gold.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

That Daniel and Lindsay scene gets me every time.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

Bill dressed as the bionic woman for Halloween.

We see him doing a little skit with the phone, and his mother catches him. LMAO

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Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

when lindsey bursted out laughing when franco was giving that rehearsed spiel about the three tracks when they got caught cheating.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

This beginning of "Noshing and Moshing" when Bill is "dancing sexy" like Rerun to teach Sam and Neal how to get women.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

When Cindy pulls Bill aside to confess that she likes Sam.

Bill says something along the lines of...

"I didn't fart in front of you, I just took the blame for Sam, because it was in front of you"

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

bill crank-calling coach, and subsequent scenes

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

lol yah those were good.

I LOL last night when Ken told the guidance counselor that he thought he was gay, and was okay telling the counselor because he was gay too.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

Nick: "What the hell - they didn't say you were allowed to do magic!"
HAHAHA that guy with the afro doing magic was so so random.

I assume I need no introduction.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

That whole situation was really funny. I loved how they announced his name: Prepare for the magical stylings of... Eugene. And I loved how he slowly won the crowd over.

Why would a banana grab another banana? Those are the kind of questions I don't want to answer.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

Parisian nightsuit!

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

I think it went like this:

Bill: Guess who my mom is dating?
Sam: Neil's dad?

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

Kim Kelly's "DAMN" Reaction to Sams burp at the dinner table.

The way linsey double takes at the weird painting in the house while shes super high

Millies Jesus song on the piano at a keg party

Nick: You guys mind if i have this fruit roll up?

Sheila ran off with Dennis and left Krampus all alone in dirty-ass Baltimore.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

I remember when i used to watch this show back in the day (yes, I'm one of the original viewers), my sister and I would always get excited during the opening credits when Bill flashes his smile. So I guess there's that scene.

Other great moments:
- The Sober Students Improv Players. All of that dialogue was gold. "Do you want some pop? I hope they have orange."
- When they talk about the dangers of fun-sized bars during Halloween. "They dip it in chocolate, so you only find out when it's too late."
- Any time Sam says, "Oh, hey, Cindy!" Especially in the pilot episode.
- Whenever Mr. Weir talks about people dying. Or really, whenever he says anything.
- Nick: "Mm, that smells delicious. What is that? Let me guess... Meat?" Mr. Weir: "Congratulations."
- Cindy telling Sam that he's like her sister.
- The whole "Lady" scene.
- Most of Ken's lines. "This is Mission Control, requesting permission to rock out."

Why would a banana grab another banana? Those are the kind of questions I don't want to answer.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

Yeah, the Fruit Rollup query by Nick to Lindsay's parents in his sleepwear is killer.

Lady L is so bad it's good... love Ken's reaction once Nick finishes the song.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

'Tubagirl?! Tubagirl??!'

So wrong but so funny... Franco absolutely kills that delivery.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

Lindsay: What's the matter?
Nick: John Bonham died.
Lindsay: Yeah. I know. Last week.
Nick: He's dead. You know? It's like he's dead. And as a result there's no more Led Zeppelin.
Lindsay: Well why don't they just get a new drummer?
Nick: Are you— ? Just forget it.

nick's reaction when lindsay says why dont they just get a new drummer is hysterical.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

During the Chokin'/Tokin' eps commentary, they all laugh that the kid Lindsay babysits is actually the same child actor voicing Nemo of Finding Nemo.
They all burst out laughing that he's in essence the most famous member of the entire F&G production! lols

Little did they know when it was recorded, many of the F&G alum would they themselves become big mainstream stars.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

The scene as Stiller escorts Russo to the secure area:

Stiller: "Sometimes I just have to stand in one place for 12 hours and stare at a wall. You start to see things. Your feet, the pain in your feet."

Rosso: "Well it's an important job."

Stiller: "No it's not. You ever heard of the Vice President getting assassinated? Nope. You know why? It's never happened. Will it ever happen? No way. Because, who cares? Know what I mean?"

Mr. Fleck (Steve Higgins from the tonight show) scene:

"Oooo, I'm in pee wee football. I'm pretty good. What? I can be first string on a high school team and get to wear a jacket with leather sleeves. Hooray."

"Hey, I want to play college ball. What? My GPAs aren't high enough to get a sports scholarship. Ow. I just blew my knee out during practice. Oops, I'm out of school selling used cars. What? I'm fired? Hand me that bottle of booze man."

"Hold on cool breeze it gets better. What? I'm accepted at an ivy league college? Hey, chicks dig smart guys. Who knew? Whoa, look at me I'm the head of a Fortune 500 company. And yes Mr. jock that cleaned me out, I will have fries with that."

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

Kim: You guys, I killed Millie's dog.

Ken: Like, with your bare hands?

I love Seth Rogen's delivery of that line! Then again, almost every thing he says makes me laugh.

Mr. Rosso's rendition of "I'm Eighteen" is a great scene, too. I hear it all the time on Alice Cooper's 'Nights With Alice Cooper' radio show- always makes me want to watch Freaks and Geeks.

And that mask, it's not to hide who I am, but to create what I am.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

I just saw an episode this morning that I barely remembered. Where tuba girl reveals that she was born a hermaphrodite. Ken's reaction is classic. He listens to David Bowie (fashion, turn to the left!) and is staring at playboy/playgirl type magazines.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

WOW, So many moments!

1 - The Halloween episode (one of my favorites) Sam and his mom singing the monster mash at the table,and lindsey's reaction. Especially sam's face.
Also his tin man costume...I wast just dying the whole time, watching him try to walk around in it.

2 - Nick singing the "Lady" song to Lindsey

3 - Sam sitting in between his parents to watch TV - once again, his face!

4 - Dinner table scene, sam and lindsey's Dad playing with the chicken their mom made.

5 - Nick singing along with Millie at the Piano while she sings the jesus song.

6 - When cindy "cut the cheese" and and Bill was testing the chair

7 - Niel's jewish jokes

8 - When the geeks hear sam's parents having sex through the door. All their disgusted faces are priceless.

9 - Nick and the fruit rollups (of course)

10 - Sam streaking through school. Poor kid never gets a break.

11 - When all the gym students are reading the prank call in front of the coach. Especially alan white laughing through it.

But my top moment is definitely the monster mash. Classic.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

Daniel- what was that all about
Ken- I don't know, but it was pretty funny

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

Probably my funniest moment of the whole show, when Bill and Cindy are lab partners, and Bill is going to her house to study:

Bill: "Cindy's house. 4.30. Should I wear Hai Karate, or Old Spice?"

Something about his delivery and the devilish look on his face while he rubs his hands together had me howling.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

Lmfao mine has to be Nick singing his original song "Lady L" to Ken and Daniel. His falsetto singing and the looks on Ken and Daniel's faces...priceless.

When coach is in the locker room and says "Schweibber, put your shirt on. You look like an old man".

When Harold and Jean read Lindsey's diary. Carol reads Lindsey's opening disclaimer implemented to ward off potential readers, and Harold goes "ooh scary...READ ON!" He says it in his usual crotchety way.

When Millie says to Lindsey, "You're high. You're on the POT!"

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

"Lady L". The best parody of the "acoustic guitar guy" that I've ever seen.

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Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

Nick mistaking George Bush for a porn star. What a dumbass!

Nick singing "Lady"

The guidance councellor singing "I'm 18"

The reveal of Daniel's math test result, "Zeppelin Rules". I thought for sure he was going to pull off a miracle and get the one answer required of him right!

Neil, after watching that porno with Sam and Bill: "That guy has the greatest job in the world!'

Why do they call 'em soap operas anyway? Those things are FILTHY!----Fred Sanford

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

First time stoner Lindsay trying to babysit the bratty kid and he calls her It. She's all like "Get off my back, man!"

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

The montage of all the kids in fredericks' class reading the script of his prank call. "Low. Speak low!" Lmao

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

Lets see...

- That scene in 'Kim Kelly Is My Friend' where Kim catches Karen and Daniel together and she charges her car screaming at them. I was cracking up!

- That scene (forgot the name of the episode, sorry) where Bill is showing Neal and Sam his 'sexy' dance with that weird electronic song. LOL!!!!

- That scene (forgot the episode - sorry), where Bill is paired up with Cindy to do a school project and he has to go to her house. They're in her bedroom and she gets up from the chair and a fart noise happens. After she leaves the room, Bill tests the same chair. LOL!!!

- Also, in The Diary, that prank call to mr. Frederick AND that scene where Mr. Frederick tries to find out who the pranker was.

There are many others that I'm forgetting at the moment.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

Every single scene with Joe Flaherty. I'm a Second City fan from way back, and when he's dressed as the vampire all I can think of is Count Floyd.

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

Yeah, that's boss. essential 50

Re: Moments that made you (literally) lol

Sam is having an anxiety attack over the thought of taking a post-gym shower and Neil replying "It's not a burlesque show!"