American Beauty : viewed it again yesterday

viewed it again yesterday

(A spoiler, so virgins should not read this...)

I have the BluRay of this and watch it about every year. You know the scene when Lester first meets Ricky at the party, and they go out back to smoke some weed. The catering boss finds them and tells Ricky to get back to work and Ricky says "OK, then don't pay me, I quit."

Lester is flabbergasted, he tells Ricky "You are my new hero." It had never occurred to Lester that "quitting a job" you didn't like was an option.

It is only after that scene that Lester writes his fake job description so that he can get fired and blackmail Brad to get his big severance pay and continuation of benefits.

The implication being that Ricky was the catalyst for Lester's subsequent actions, getting fired, buying his dream car, and all the rest that happened right before his death.

I have seen this movie a bunch of times over the past 16 years, it never gets old for me.

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Re: viewed it again yesterday

I keep meeting uptight people at work who need to see this movie. They're either too young to remember it or so far over the hill they've never learned to be calm. What's funny is I'm the seemingly tightass person but I think I'm more relaxed than all of them because my zen is Ricky Fitts and George Carlin. Ever since discovering George in 2001, I began to ponder if some of his insight inspired Alan Ball's script and that's where a lot of Ricky's calm demeanor comes from, especially being that he's the one who influences Lester to relax a little bit.

Ricky to me is a mix of Carlin and Andy Dufresne. A being with high intellect who doesn't take life so serious that he worries himself over every little damn thing and is therefore a very mellow individual.