American Beauty : 'The Insider' Brought Me Here

'The Insider' Brought Me Here

Because I think that should have won Best Picture at the Academy Awards for 1999.

I really like American Beauty, no doubt, but come on.

All I'm sayin'.


Wait a minute... who am I here?

Re: 'The Insider' Brought Me Here

After so many years I don't think you'll find many who care one way or the other.

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Re: 'The Insider' Brought Me Here

And the oscars have long CEASED to be relevant in any way, since then.

For me, it was around the mid to late '00s.... ESPECIALLY when they expanded the "Best Picture" category to include twenty or fifty movies?? (haha...). That killed the legitimacy of the award for good.

Re: 'The Insider' Brought Me Here

I also dislike how they expanded the BP noms to 10. I have no idea why they reverted back to a system they used before 1945, when the current one was working perfectly well. It just allows too much fluff in.

For me, it was around the mid to late '00s....

Same here. I think 2007/2008 were the last decent years for Oscars.

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Re: 'The Insider' Brought Me Here

Agreed. The Insider featured about ten spectacular performances, a phenomenal script, powerful direction and pacing.

But my recent second viewing of American Beauty eliminated a lot of contempt I had for it; it could possibly break into my Top 50. The awards issue is a matter of relatability. The American dream as a lie is a concept with a massive demographic. The Insider works on a broader scale with bigger themes, packaged in a highly intelligent, nuanced box.

Winning an Oscar often seems to require a film to 50/50 balance artistic integrity AND a presentation that the majority of people can understand in one viewing.

And Hell. The Martian just won Best Comedy at the Golden Globes. The annual award shows are just a joke of an advertisement fest. From movies to phones (re: Ellen), dresses to humans themselves. I'm surprised to be saying this, but really...The Insider is brilliant, robbery or not.