The Insider : What is the thing with Charlie?

What is the thing with Charlie?

What did he do after taking documents? And who were the guys who said they were geologists?

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Re: What is the thing with Charlie?

Bergman was trying to get the New York Times to push back the story about Wigand's chequered past because a lot of it wasn't factual. Much of the information that the Times was using was based on interpolation of research and bias. The documents he gives Charlie are the original research. He asks Charlie to vet them so as to prove to him they won't stand up to scrutiny. Charlie does so, and upon discovering Bergman is correct, they don't run the story. Basically, Bergman is trying to avoid a massive smear campaign against Wigand.

The geologists are undercover FBI agents. This story has nothing to do with the Wigand plot. It's just there to show Bergman getting on with his job. When he realises they're FBI, he calls his FBI contact and threatens to blow the story before the sting is put into operation unless CBS get an exclusive. His FBI contact agrees, telling him he'll contact him three hours prior to the sting.

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Re: What is the thing with Charlie?

Charlie worked for the WSJ. Bergman got them to delay their article about the allegations against Wygand and recheck their facts using his sources, which discredited the allegations thus making it clear they were part of a smear campaign.

Bergman separately leaked the CBS decision to cut Wygand's interview from their 60 minutes show to the NYT, who published this cover up by a TV news channel.