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Bruce McGill

I got the blu-ray release today (gorgeous, I must say,) and there are a few things about the film that I forgot. One is the always understated Bruce McGill. McGill has a scene where he is deposing Russell Crowe that sends chills down my spine he should've gotten a nomination off of that scene alone.

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It's my favorite scene in the film also. That is true acting

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Thank you for starting this thread because you voiced my thoughts perfectly.

I know that there are many brilliant actors in this movie but Bruce McGill outshone them all in quality in my eyes. His scene was so brief, yet he ruled like nobody else. His performance was the only one that sent chills down my spine.

It was nice to see the little man have a bulldog in his corner for a change!

Here is a link to McGill's scene on YouTube:



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To quote the real Ron Motley, recalling that deposition, with dozens of tobacco lawyers present against just him, Scruggs and Moore: "So we were out-numbered, but they were out-manned."

His line "Oh you've got rights and lefts." is lifted from the real deposition, which took place in the same storefront makeshift hearing room in which it was shot for the movie.

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Always liked Bruce McGill but wow! What a powerful performance. Definitely my fav scene in the movie.

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It would've been nice to see his character go up against Pacino's character to see who could out-intimidate who.

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You can find that deposition online. It wasn't quite so theatrical or flamboyant in real life, or at Least it doesn't read that way. I agree it was the best scene; my second fave was the beginning when Chris Plummer as Mike Wallace tells a group of armed terrorists that he will sit where he (darn) well please(s), and third is when he chastises Gina Gershon for addressing him familiar & common.

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Ditto to all of you and all your comments.

I watched that scene and felt like I was in trouble! You know that feeling when you were a kid and you'd done nothing wrong but another kid, maybe your sibling was getting chewed out and even though they weren't mad at you it still felt like you were getting yelled at and were in trouble? Yah. That.

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Bruce McGill is one of the best character actors.

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Yes, this is one of the greatest scenes in the movie, and in all the movies I've seen.

I just re-watched it, and one thing I really liked was how Bruce McGill lets the tobacco lawyer go on and on and on about how Wigand can't talk. If it were me, I would've been stepping on his words. Motley's (McGill's) response had more power because he let the tobacco guy finish his whole speech.

Having the tobacco guy break into a smirk like that and having McGill take him down was pure movie-making magic. Powerful, powerful scene, and it ALWAYS gives me goose-bumps.

I try not to watch it too often, that might take away its power. Although maybe not. :)

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I can name so many scenes as my favorites.

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+1. Always great to see a character guy like that have a real moment to show his chops.

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And for most of my life, I knew him as MacGyver's scam-running friend.