Black Mirror : White Bear deserved a second epilogue

White Bear deserved a second epilogue

I loved the ep but I think they should've explored more the future of the White Bear. It would be cool if they showed the future of the place and I think it would go like this:

The attraction would slowly starting to get less and less visitors because eventually people would move on with their lifes, or even better, a new scandal involving a new murderer is happening so everyone starts paying attention to it so they are forced to stop erasing the woman's memory because it's too expensive to keep that "show". I think this scenario would fit the episode's satire of people's obsession with torture porn and how shallow they really are.

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I thought this too. There's no way this sort of attraction would last very long. There are unfortunately so many murders, the general public probably wouldn't be interested in seeing somebody being punished who committed a murder more than a few months ago. I suppose in this way the more public outrage there is towards the killer, the longer their punishment would last. Not that the killer would know with their memory being erased.

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I also thought about that. Does the length really matter if the criminal doesn't remember it? Does emotional or mental trauma really matter if the victim has it erased from their memory?

The public can revel in knowing she has to relive it. But if everyday is just like the first for the actual criminal, it does seem lacking.

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well hell is repetition they say.Think about when they erase her memories they erase everything that makes her her.

So everyday they sort of kill her.

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Agreed. I assumed they would eventually just execute her and replace her with a new criminal in the next "season" of White Bear. It would have been nice to see that mentioned explicitly but it was a good episode either way.

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This is because this episode is a critique on society's desire to be entertained by what they see as justice. It's not a statement about the woman's crime or punishment. The woman's ability to be rehabilitated is not part of the message.

OR... perhaps there is a nuance that in that society, they could give her a new life, but would rather see her never-ending punishment as entertainment instead.

Either way, society is the antagonist, not the woman.

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The woman and her bf tortured and murdered a defenseless child for their own entertainment. This punishment fits the crime.