The Royal Tenenbaums : Real fan but...

Real fan but...

I have been searching EVERYWHERE for broadcast of this movie( NetflixU.S), also Netflix Canada, Shomi, Crackle , Crave, some possible online "old time classic movie" streaming sites, but no luck .Really want to watch it again , but could anyone provide a link or suggestion where I can view it ??
Tried Amazon movies for sale[dvd]~movie not listed .This mean that The Royal Tenanbaums no longer available?( studio no longer releasing it?)

Re: Real fan but...

The Criterion DVD and Blu-Ray are still available, and it's streaming on Hulu (free trial available), and on Amazon (free if you do a 7-day trial of their Showtime subscription add-on).

When searching it might help to spell "Tenenbaums" correctly.

Re: Real fan but...

it might help to spell "Tenenbaums" correctly
I think you've got this one covered.

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