The Royal Tenenbaums : Other Great Suicide Scenes?

Other Great Suicide Scenes?

The attempted suicide scene in this movie with Luke Wilson is one of the most memorable I've scene.

What are other memorable suicide scenes you've seen?

I'll add the many times Bill Murray attempts suicide in Groundhog Day as another memorable one.

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The one in The Rules of Attraction.

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I agree! It is one of the best executed and most touching suicide scenes ever. Some others that was memorable for me, in no particular order:

The Virgin Suicides - at the end when the boys walk over and find one dead sister after another

Alien 3 - Ripley's suicide by falling into the furnace was pretty damn awesome

Shawshank Redemption - when Brooks can't cope with the outside world and hangs himself, both memorable and sad

Full Metal Jacket - when Gomer Pyle finally breaks down just before they are sent to Vietnam, very powerful scene

Terminator 2: Judgement Day - the T101's suicide was moving, sad and good all in one

Thelma & Louise - who can forget that wonderful ending!

The Rules of Attraction - nameless girl [Mary in the book] who commits suicide because of hopeless love for Sean

Dead Poets' Society - Neil Perry's suicide was pretty disturbing and loaded with symbolism

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Caché has a pretty brutal scene. It is a slower movie, but that scene is intense.

The Piano Teacher has a wild scene at the end. Both are Michael Haneke movies so they are pretty dark and slow.

Boogie Nights has a good scene.

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never saw it but i heard in The Butterfly Effect he went to his life in his mother womb (before he was born) and chocked himself to death.

if thats true than id say this is the most memorable.

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- Ferdinand, in Pierrot le Fou
- Veronika, in Veronika Voss (I guess she could be considered a suicide)

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The scene at the end of Sophie's Choice (sorry for the spoiler) with Sophie and Nathan just lying there peacefully in each other's arms on the bed and Stingo reading a poem from Emily Dickinson over them like a eulogy. Gut-wrenchingly beautiful; it's impossible not to be moved by it.

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Oh yes, how could have forgotten that one! So beautifully poignant.

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BUTCH and SUNDANCE when they run out to face the Bolivian Army.

"FREEZE FRAME a milisecond before their bodies are riddled with bullets.

The sound of the rifles softly fades away as they're blown back into history."

--from William Goldman's original script--

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Spoilers obviously

Matteo in Best of Youth

The father in El Sur

Jen in Croughing Tiger Hidden Dragon at the end could be interpreted as suicide

The ending in The Wrestler could be interpreted as suicide

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Check out Harold and Maude it's filled with great suicide scenes.

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The Hours - both suicides.

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Eraser with Arnold Shwarchtsenneighgoar has one of the best suicide scenes I've ever seen. This b!tch goes into this guy's office and he knows- he just knows that he's screwed 'cause he's busted on candid camera. She's a spy for this thing. He pulls a gun out of his desk drawer and points it at the b!tch. (yeah she's pretty hot I guess.) So you're thinkin, oh man this bulldyke is about to get popped. Nope! He swings the shotgun backwards and puts it in his mouth. Boom! He shoots himself and there's this glass window behind him and the bullet makes the glass explode like crazy and his brains and goop and blood sprays out and it's windy outside so the papers on his desk blow everywhere around the room and her hair is blowing 'cause it's windy in the office now and she's freaking out and the guys watching the camera are freakinf out 'cause they don't know if the b!tch got capped or what and the audience is freaking out 'cause you thought the old fart was gunna pop her in the balloons but instead he capped himself and it's really emotional and touching and it's the most powerful and also most sweet a$$ suicide ever put on film in history. Check it out if. I've never seen The Royal Tembelbaums but it sounds pretty similar.

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I laughed reading that; it's hilarious. You're an idiot nomadprog, but I must admit that was funny.

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There's a beautiful suicide scene in Women in Love (1969):

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Eh, there's a pretty funny one in a movie called Confessions of an American girl, with Jena Malone's character. (I guess you could call it an attempt lol)

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Gwenyth Paltrow in Sylvia.
Sissy Spacek in Night Mother.