The Princess Diaries : 'It's been 3 months'

'It's been 3 months'

"I thought you were over that" ummmm insensitive much, Lily? Your best friend's dad (no matter how distant) died I don't think 3 months is much of a mourning period!!

Another thing, does anyone have an explanation for why Mia never saw her dad, EVER? It's inferred but never explained what kept him from seeing her. WE know its because he was a Prince, but come on. That's a little extreme. Unless they did meet more than once, and we just were not in the know.


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I think it was some sort of agreement between her parents, remember her mother did say they were going to tell her the truth when she was older.

If you think Lily is bad here she's WORSE in the book.

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i wanted to punch her when she said that. she sounded like nobody in her life had ever died and i can't help thinking what a spoilt brat she was. no offence to anyone who hasn't lost someone close to them at a young age but she rubbed off the wrong way

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Totally agree. It was super insensitive of her.

And like rabbyt1 said, if you think she's bad here, she's even worse in the books.

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yeah I couldn't believe Lily said that, I thought it was so insensitive of her!
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