The Princess Diaries : What did you miss most from the books?

What did you miss most from the books?

I am a huge fan of the books - like, read them twenty times through, quote them verbatim with my friends on a regular basis kind of huge. I like the movies on their own, but as an adaptation of an excellent book series, they don't merely fall short - they totally and completely suck. So I made a list of the five things (people, moments, et cetera) I wish were in the movie. Sort of like, "If I had made this movie, what would I have been sure to put in it?"

5) Grandmere's eyebrows (or lack thereof). Well, not specifically her eyebrows, but that physical quality she has that makes me picture her as shadow pals with Nosferatu. Where's the jewels, the chemical peels, the Sidecars? Grandmere is a villain and should be portrayed as such.

4) Helen's feminism. Some of my best laughs reading the books were when Mia mentioned her mom taking Rocky to riots or decorating the Christmas tree with dead celebrities. Yeah, she was still a feminist, but she didn't seem like the kind of woman who would adorn her daughter with Ralph Nader buttons.

3) Lars. I love the image of Mia being shadowed by an armed guard. Does anyone else picture him sitting in class, hardly fitting in his desk, looming over everyone else?

2) Lilly being a genius. Yeah she was portrayed as bossy and intelligent, but nothing like the brilliant child of two psychoanalysts, whose arguments with her brother sound like educated debates.

1) Tina and her romance novels. She is my favorite character by far. I adore the plots of her romance novels, particularly the one about the boy with cancer. I'm baffled at why they left sweet little Tina out of the movie, but I guess her plus Julie Andrews would have been sugar overload.

So who are your favorite characters? What moments did you want to see on screen?

Re: What did you miss most from the books?

I think I miss the personality of Grandmere. Though I love Julie Andrew's character in the movie, the Grandmere in the book is an entirely different person. She adds something almost special to the books. (Despite the fact at times she can down right be sinister.)

Also, I think I miss how the series ended. (With the final book X: Forever Princess)

Re: What did you miss most from the books?

I wish they had kept it in New York.
I also kind of miss Mia's dad.. Lilly and Michael also seemed a little toned down, not so genius and political.


Re: What did you miss most from the books?

I missed how snappy it was.
In the book, Mia is a very intelligent and funny person, but she doesnt know ithence the awkwardness.
In the movie however, Mia's clumsy and awkward and cries a lot. But they don't really portray her as clever or anything. Except at the end.

I wish they had given Michael a personality. I did love how eccentric they made him though.

I miss the LISTS! I loved their lists!

And what about that guy who got very upset whenever there was corn in the chili?

Re: What did you miss most from the books?

Yeah, I just think they like completely changed Michael. Personality, looks, the whole kabosh.

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Re: What did you miss most from the books?

Yes. But I do love movie Michael too. His eccentricities are hilarious.

I view the movie and book as separate stories. I can consume one without lamenting over the other.

Re: What did you miss most from the books?

Well, if I don't control myself, I'd probably end up listing everything in the books.

But these are the big ones:

I liked Mia's dad. And if I list Mia's dad then I would have to say Grandmere's personality too, because I liked the interactions between her dad and Grandmere.

I just miss the humor of it all. It's was witty, charming, and sometimes laugh out loud funny.

Most of all, I too miss Tina. I she was definitely my favorite character.

Re: What did you miss most from the books?

I love Julie Andrews' portrayal of Grandmere in the movie. I really do prefer it to the villain she is in the books.

One thing I missed and really wanted to see - her tattooed eyelids. LOL.

Arthur: Yeah, it was worth a shot.

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Re: What did you miss most from the books?

I would like them to make it into TV-series. I believe it would be very boring to non-fans, but for me and other fans it would be great. And it should be totally loyal to the books. It would be soooo great:P

Re: What did you miss most from the books?

Boris. I miss Boris!!! And the fact that he was locked in the closet everyday in G&T for playing his violin. I wish there had been some big screen sweaters tucked into pants. Oh well!

Re: What did you miss most from the books?

1. New York. It's not really a big thing but San Francisco and New York are two completely different cities.

2. Michael. I know Michael was IN the movie, but he wasn't the Michael that was in the book, and I don't think that they really showed the way that Mia felt about Michael. In the books she had liked him since the beginning of time, but I think they portrayed the whole relationship very poorly in the movie.

3. Grandmere. I love Julie Andrews but really the Grandmere in the books does not exist.

Really the whole movie would need to be changed to fit the books. The books were not "Disney-approved" in any way, but that's what was so great about them.

Re: What did you miss most from the books?

Agree with everybody

1) Grandmere- I think however because Grandmere is a pretty eccentric character it would be difficult to put her in the movie without her stealing the focus from Mia which is why I think Meg Cabot's books work better as tv shows espcially this and the Mediator. You could really flesh out everybody's character cause even though Grandmere can be crazy, eccentric even catty at times she still obviously loves Mia.

2) Tina- she's a really important character for Mia because Lily is too intense sometimes to the extent that she is too harsh. Tina is the opposite and is actually the one who gives Mia pretty good advice. When you put those two in Mia's frienship circle you get an interesting clash of characters that represent differnt sides of Mia. Lily- the intelligent, socially awkward side of her and Tina- the dreamy romantic

3) I actually think given how a family film is pretty short they covered Mia and Michael's relationship pretty well getting the main points across and they had really good chemistry. However, and again why a tv show would work better, is part of Mia and Michael's relationship is you see why they are perfect for each other because in the books it wasn't just him staring at her she pursued him as much as he pursed her. It's not just a situation of he's the good guy who obviously likes her and she can't see it. They both have qualities the other doesn't and bring out the best in each other. Michael is Mia's true love I mean in the 11th book which just came out they got engaged as she's finishing college. It's hard to show that in a film but I wish that had been there more that they work well together. Which is part of the reason I think the sequel was lacking something. The series is about how that relationship grows not about her exploits in Genovia trying to keep villians from the throne.

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