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Magician books

What are some fiction books that have magicians in them, who don't have magical powers. Actual magicians who do tricks.

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Memoirs of a Sword Swallower (Mannix)

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The Magic Men series which takes place in 1950's Brighton. This series is by Elly Griffiths, the main characters are Detective Inspector Edgar Stephens and stage magician Max Mephisto.
The three books in this series:

The Zig Zag Girl

Smoke and Mirrors

The Blood Card

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Cranford (Elizabeth Gaskell). Not a major character but still significant.

Do you consider mediums, spiritualists, séances to be "magical"? If so....
--- The Blithedale Romance (Nathaniel Hawthorne).
--- Affinity (Sarah Waters).
--- A Drowned Maiden's Hair (Laura Amy Schlitz).
I'm listing instances in which the spiritualism is fraudulent. Sorry if I'm giving a SPOILER to anything by the mere listing of these novels, but it's impossible to avoid SPOILER completely given the nature of your question. Anyway, those are just three séance-type novels that come right to mind, three of really high quality, and there are probably a good many of them out there.


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Carter Beats the Devil was a lot of fun, although now I don't remember it well at all. But I remember I liked it.

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..."The Seven Mysteries of Life" by Guy Murchie...

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The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay have a little of that, but I don't think that's really what you're looking for.

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The Prestige by Christopher Priest

The Magicians by Boileau-Narcejac

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