Cat Ballou : What did you think of this film?

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What a classic Movie. From Opening credits to the closing Credits not one scene is wrong not one line is out of place and the music score only adds to the greatness of the film.

Been a fan of this movie for 40+years since my dad first took me to see it and the many viewings since then.

Watch a great Film and enjoy

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It´s utterly moronic and not one single "joke" is actually funny. One must be completely wasted in order to enjoy any of it.

"facts are stupid things" - Ronald Reagan

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The funniest part of this whole film is when he's standing over Cat's father's body drunk, and they ask if he knows whats going on. Instead of understanding he was dead and in a coffin, he blows out the candles one by one on the candlebera, and sings in a funny voice "Happy Birthday to YOU"!

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seems like the writers borrowed some elements of at the time popular tv shows(name one-the Beverly Hillbillies,Green Acres,My Mother the Car).like a drunken pastor,a jewish indian,and of course there's Lee Marvin.the fact that he won an Oscar for portraying a drunken gunfighter should tell you how good he was.

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musicals seldom works well for me, for instance here you see lee marvin and jane fonda delivering this great scene, suddenly an orchestra breaks out of nowhere. it's like it isn't really a record, it isn't really a movie, decide which one you want. well thats just the way i feel about it, for instance blues brothers as a musical was something else, but here i don't get the setting of the old west breaking into 1950's pop tunes and big bands. but i enjoyed some of the parts in the movie. alot of scenes in this seemed to be voice over, and marvins swaying back and forth didnt seem to have much explanation to it.

just when i get used to you hanging around,
you get drawn out to the city light,
and stay away for so long,
leaving me on my own,
then back in our old house like a one night stand,
you're turning to a stranger returning home again,
as i get custom to you hanging around,
before you get drawn back out to the city light.

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I thought every second of this film was perfection.
I loved it as a kid when I saw it in the theater almost 50 years ago, and loved it just as much when I saw it today.
There is no way they could make a film as great as CB today, even if they spent a billion dollars on it. That's how bad this culture has gotten...

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I was really looking forward to this. A comedy western with Jane Fonda and an Oscar winning performance by Lee Marvin? Can't lose.

Well, it wasn't funny. Though it tried to be at times. I guess a drunk Marvin flopping around the horse was the 'funny' part? And he won an Oscar for this, too.

It wasn't terrible but it wasn't all that good, either. No chemistry between the actors. I never really bought for a second Cat became this outlaw. The narration singing worked for the most part. That wasn't too bad.

It was just an ok film for me. 6/10