Books : Come si fa una tesi di laurea, Umberto Eco

Come si fa una tesi di laurea, Umberto Eco

This has just been translated in my language and is now on display at the bookstore.
From what I have read, and knowing some local university characters, I can guess why the translation took so long.
The only shame is that the book is not available in a bi!ingual edition, and I could not find a copy of the original Italian.

I know it is intended to sell two books instead of only one, and that people must eat.
But sometime, the lack of bilingual book is really annoying.


As it comes to science, the lack of bilingual edition is almost a crime, imho.

'I wrote my thesis in swahili'
'great, now all they need is to create a nobel prize in masochism'
(Fischetti /Lecointre, Charlie ramène sa science)

"to tax and to please, no more to love and to be wise, is not given to men"