Downhill Racer : Sylvester Stallone appeared in this!

Sylvester Stallone appeared in this!

Yes - he was an extra. Richard Egan was an extra as well. Sylvester Stallone is in the scene where Robert Redford has a meal with Camilla Sparv, because he is sitting at the table next to them.

There is a clip on YouTube, but the quality is kind of bad. I took a screenshot from a DVD I have, which has better picture quality.

Despite me sending the screenshot I saved to IMDb a gazillion times now for approval, they've never added Downhill Racer to his filmography, yet they have Klute and Lovers and Other Strangers, where he is hardly noticeable on-screen. They did, however, add The Sidelong Glances of a Pigeon Kicker from 1970.

In Klute, he can be seen briefly dancing in a disco. In Lovers and Other Strangers, he was one of the three groomsmen standing around during the wedding scene. He was the tallest one in the scene, but you can only glimpse him for a second in a few shots.

Anyway, I guess the editors on IMDb don't agree it's him in Downhill Racer. But it is him.

Edit: I know I mentioned this in another post, but at least it helps the readers of IMDb to spot him.

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I'm a massive sly fan and never heard this. If he's in this scene he's the guy In the green jumper with his back to the camera.

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No. He is the man sitting at the left table in this screenshot, which I uploaded to Imageshack. If you have Downhill Racer on DVD, put it in an Xbox 360 and play it at around the 53:00 minutes mark. The restaurant scene is just after the part where Robert Redford scoffs at the woman who asks him if he practices self-denial. Whatever that is.

Anyway, if you use the DVD viewer on an Xbox 360, you can zoom right in and look at Sly's face while he is at the dinner table. Although I've sent IMDb this screenshot several times now, the editors obviously don't think it's him, and that tiny article on probably isn't "sufficient" evidence that he was even in the movie, as it only states he was in it and nothing else.

I recently found Sly as an extra in several other films. He was in Bananas as one of the two muggers who chase Woody Allen on a train, although I would class that as being more of a minor role than being an extra, really.

He was in the film Klute where he is briefly seen dancing in a disco. He was the guy in front of the organ at the back, but his face is very blurry. It's quite funny, too, because Donald Sutherland who stars in the movie as the detective investigating Jane Fonda, later played the evil prison warden in Lock Up.

In Lovers and Other Strangers, you only see Sly in two shots, very briefly. There is a wedding scene where they play the famous song 'For All We Know' sung by Larry Meredith, but is more well-known in a cover by Karen Carpenter, and he was one of the groomsmen. He is just standing there, as still as a statue, but his face is blurry again. You can obviously tell him apart from the others due to his height and dark hair.

He also appeared as an extra in The Sidelong Glances of a Pigeon Kicker and had a fair bit of a screen presence, dancing and walking around at a party. This movie wasn't even on his IMDb page until I added it in.

He was a mob boss in Cannonball wearing shades, and he was in Mandingo during the scene where the black man is about to be hanged. He is sitting down, and I think he is wearing a red or black hat, but he's just an onlooker who doesn't have any lines.

You may also recall he was in Staying Alive, which he also directed. He bumps into John Travolta in the street. Sly's brother Frank had a big hit in America on their Billboard Hot 100 chart with a song called 'Far From Over' which plays during the opening dance scene. Oh, and Cynthia Rhodes who co-starred in it was in a cheesy pop band called Animotion. She was part of a later line-up, several years after 'Obsession' was the biggest hit for the group.


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In the grey suit?????. No way. Definitely not sly. Sorry but I know Sly and they aren't his facial features of when he was young.

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OK. What scene was he in wearing a green jumper?

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I said, if he is in this scene he would be the guy with his back turned to the camera in the green jumper.

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Sly has a suit on. Look to the left.

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I didn't think it looked a ton like him, though enough that it's possible it's him.

- the fact that multiple sources agree that he was in Switzerland around the time the movie was made;
- the assumption that what's at the last link in the original post is an accurate scan of the program from "Score" (an off-Broadway show Stallone actually was in)

I'd say that's him in the movie.

It also appears as "fact" in Wikipedia, for what that's worth.

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There is a poor quality upload of Downhill Racer on which had been added by someone else, and the DVD converter I used to put a DVD rip of the diner scene on my own channel then came out looking blocky.

The free version of Almersoft's software is terrible. It doesn't make it easy to identify extras if the picture is fuzzy, but if you buy the DVD on eBay, use an Xbox 360 to zoom in at 10 (it cannot go higher) and scroll to the left using the right analog stick. Then you get a closer look at his face. He only looks up from the table just twice.

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Not only is it NOT him, it looks nothing like him. Face is wrong, head shape is wrong, mannerisms are wrong, profile is wrong. I don't know if you'll never be convinced,but it's not him.

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