Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets : Just watched it for first time

Just watched it for first time

An absolute chore. I mean who can figure this stuff out. As a book i can see it working, because books are more personal. And mysteries are fun, but this movie goes on forever and who really cares about anything happening. They do this to learn that,-which leads to that, and everybody seems to be hiding secrets, but you feel that at any time one of the teachers can just step forward and tell them all the answers , and except for Radcliff none of the kids can act. Definitely a Movie to watch on DVD and keeping a finger on the fast forward button.
I mean did people really sit in the movie theatre as they try to unravel all these secrets, and say, "boy, this is really fascinating stuff.I wonder what is going to happen next. "
Except for the scene with the Spiders, this is a very boring film.

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K, thanks.

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Sorry you didn't like it. I'm reading the series for the first time and watching the movies for the first time. I watched this one today and really enjoyed it. As always the books are better but the movies so far appear to stick pretty close to the books. I'm reading book three now and more than half way through. I'll watch the movie as soon as I'm done.