Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets : Why didn't anybody ask moaning myrtle…( spoilers)

Why didn't anybody ask moaning myrtle…( spoilers)

How she died when her ghost was first discovered? From her the fact that the monster in the chamber of secrets was a basilisk would have been deducted, Hagrid wouldn't have been expelled and the student attacks of this book/film Could have been prevented. Both Hagrid and Dumbledore remained with the school since Myrtles death so they in particular had 50 or so years and the opportunity to just go to her toilet and question her.

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I've wondered that as well considering the fact you can't tell me Headmaster Dippet or Dumbledore (who's obviously the headmaster 50 years later) didn't know Myrtle was the ghost of the girl who was killed by the heir of Slytherin.

Of course, it is possible that may not have helped as all she said was "yellow eyes". Even with dying quickly, it seems Headmaster Dippet was sure Hagrid did it, so he may have brushed that off with "He must have cast a spell on her" or found some excuse.

Perhaps Dumbledore did ask her, though she does say in the books nobody has ever asked her before. Maybe when Dumbledore asked her she was too distraught to talk and doesn't remember.

But I'm with you. Even if it may not have helped, I have wondered why nobody asked her. Seems like she would be an obvious key witness.

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Her death confirmed that there was a monster in the school but did not prove that it wasn't Hagrid unless his whereabouts at that exact moment could be placed.

Myrtle said in the books that she heard a boy's voice, came out, saw the Basilisk, died, felt herself floating away (presumably towards the afterlife) but returned to haunt a girl who was bullying her suggesting that she did not see Tom Riddle and had no idea who was actually responsible for killing her.

After Hagrid was expelled, the case was closed. They believed that he never intended to hurt anyone but had been reckless in letting a monster loose in the castle, which, to be fair, he had done. It was just that his monster wasn't the one that killed Myrtle.

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I wondered that reading the book. The poor girl seemed like a tortured soul. I felt awful for her and was eager to find out why she was so sad. I thought the kids would ask right away how she died and why she remained there. I mean I assumed she could go somewhere else if she was so unhappy. But there are a few people who are only happy when they are upset.