Ferris Bueller's Day Off : Ferris Set up the Froman Gag.

Ferris Set up the Froman Gag.

I posted this about ten years ago, everyone thought I was nuts and the comments were very interesting and usually rude.

I don't expect anything to be different, but here goes.

Ferris clearly had certain things planned in advance ( not including things that involved Cameron and Sloane because they had no idea he was gonna do it until the day of.

The biggest evidence of his planning was the parade float ( its not as if he could just have that done spur of the moment, the songs were clearly not part of the parade as evidenced by the reactions from the big wigs.

yet NO ONE seems to think that he didn't plan the Abe Froman gag.

"He was looking in the book" people say, Yes, he was doing that so that the maitre D would SEE him doing it, and think that he was a teenage kid doing exactly what he was doing "using a fake name to get it"

then of course the name has this title attached to it " Sausage king of Chicago"

NOw, perhaps there really was a real Abe Froman, but Ferris made the reservation, and if Froman was fictional then Ferris attached the fake title to it as well so that he could create the scene in front of Cameron and Sloane, be guaranteed to make the maitre d look like an idiot, and get a free meal in one of the most prestigious and expensive restaurants in Chicago.

The clincher is that "Froman" never showed up. So what? Ferris just happened to pick a guy, party of three that just happened to not show. Or Call to cancel?

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I never thought about this. I would be willing to bet that the intention of the scene was really that there was an Abe Froman who had a reservation. Otherwise, they would have made a scene with evidence of Ferris planning it. Maybe a quick phone call to the restaurant during the scenes of him being home alone that morning.

But the one thing that would support your claim is that the maitre d apparently did not know who Abe Froman was. And he even said "Abe Froman, the sausage king of Chicago" in an incredulous voice. One would think that he would have known who Abe Froman was. Sausage would be kind of a big deal in a city like Chicago, and certainly if he was "the sausage king" the maitre d would have known who he was.


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The maitre d said it in that voice because was incredulous that HS looking student like Ferris good be the sausage king of Chicago.

One problem with this whole theory, I could swear that when Ferris heard him refer to Abe as the sausage king he looked rattled for an instant before realizing he could play with it. I'd have to watch it again, but I thought Ferris looked shocked and rattled just for an instant.

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he looked that way on purpose, to convince the maître d that he was "surprised" and was obviously trying to trick him

It would make him not believe it, treat him worse, making him want to make it up to him even more for his bad treatment of him when Ferris did the phone thing.

If you had a nickel for every nickel he has you'd have a lot of nickels - Albert Einstein - IQ(1994)

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Did you notice outside afterwards his dad talking with the man while waiting for a taxi? Repeatedly kept saying his name, 'Abe'
He just happened to be in a party of 3