Lancer : "Lancer" pilot on the big screen, Thanksgiving Eve 2016 in L.A.

"Lancer" pilot on the big screen, Thanksgiving Eve 2016 in L.A.

Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles (7165 Beverly Blvd.) presents a 16mm print of the exciting, northern-California-filmed and well-crafted "Lancer" pilot,'The High Riders.' On the big screen! How lucky can we get? Well, if it and the entire "Lancer" series were officially on DVD that would be really good luck.
Please attend; think of all the great conversational tidbits you'll add to your Thanksgiving gathering!

The second half of the New Beverly's James Stacy tribute is "Posse" (1975) and, as advertised, "more 16mm James Stacy bonuses!"
Presenting television properties in a movie house is very rare and quite unusual. As a rule the various talent guilds generally prevent the showing of a TV program that was filmed under their respective contracts stipulating "free" presentations in first and subsequent runs "on the tube," NOT anticipating it/them being screened in public cinemas where normal admission policies are in play. The allowed, typical exceptions are museums and universities for cultural and academic purposes.

Many of the 16mm and 35mm film copies screened at the New Beverly Cinema are from owner Quentin Tarantino's private collection, so this "Lancer" fan is wondering if this copy of 'The High Riders' may indeed be from his personal vault. Hmm? Remember, when promoting "The Hateful Eight," Tarantino was quoted saying the story's genesis wasn't from western novels or movies but rather the many select episodes of 1960s TV westerns he saw as a youth?
James Stacy (1936 - 2016) R.I.P.
And, equally, never to be forgotten, regulars Andrew Duggan (1923 - 1988) and Paul Brinegar (1917 - 1995), producer Alan A. Armer (1922 - 2010), creator Samuel A. Peeples (1917 - 1997) and pilot director Sam Wanamaker (1919 - 1993).

Re: "Lancer" pilot on the big screen, Thanksgiving Eve 2016 in L.A.

Watching this with amusement and interest, since I could answer some of your questions. ;)