Lancer : Convention 05

Convention 05

We are having the 2nd convention again in LA. The first one was a great success. We enjoyed working thru the Park where Lancer and Mash was filmed. Spent our evenings watching episodes and just getting to know the people we talk to on the Lancer list. James Stacy did come to the brunch we had and we all enjoyed his stories about the show . He talked proudly of his fellow actors. Also the the gene autry musuem and visited alot while sitting in LA traffic!!! As of now , we don't have any of the stars or behind the scene people who worked on Lancer attending this year. So many have departed this earth that it is hard to find any still alive. Still looking for anyone who had anything to do with the show. You can contact me at
The convention this year will be July 28-31.

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ok, just got here.are you having a convention in 2007???
that would be so neat!! please let me know ok???

it's along trip alone.

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