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Little Girl

They really found someone that looked alot like Julia Stles.

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yea I noticed that too..they had a striking resemblance.



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She looked A LOT like her... but I thought she wasn't the best actress- just my opinion tho...

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Yea when I first started watching I was wondering how Julia Stiles looked so young at 22.

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I turned it to this movie and saw her and I thought, WTF? This wasn't made in 2002! I thought it was some kids movie and turned. I was convinced that was a young Julia. How the hell did they find that kid. That has to be her sister or something, the resemblance is really striking. That's one of the best casting choices I have seen in my life!

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The cast list has the young Carolina listed as Ambyr Childers, so definitely not her sister. Just good casting.