Last of the Summer Wine : 'Elegy For Wellies' (spoilers)

'Elegy For Wellies' (spoilers)

I saw the episode where Bill Owen's character, Compo, passes away. I think the title was "Elegy For Fallen Wellies". A very touching episode. I presume Bill Owen died during the off season and several episodes were written around it.

I was wondering if they had similar episodes when other actors passed away? I don't remember such an episode when Truly replaced Foggy, but I may have missed it.

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Bill Owen's was something very special. No one else got the same farewell. (I think they said Nora went to Australia, Edie and Wesley quietly died off screen, as did most of the husbands no longer on.)

When you think about it, it's not hard to believe it wasn't done for any of the other characters. Roy Clarke, according to Sallis, had a horrible time writing it. Comedy can deal with so much, but the sadness was overwhelming for everybody. Still, he did a wonderful job.

See ya, Compo...

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I saw these 3 episodes of Compo's death recently, too (death, planning of funeral, and funeral). Here in finnish tv they started showing LOTSW a few years ago, beginning at mid-90-s episodes, Foggy still being around. Today, we are at 2005 episodes. I have seen these "dead Compo" episodes 2 or 3 times, and they still make me, the old cynic, to shed a couple of tears. I dont think Peter Sallis was really acting, he looked really shaken and his voice broke a couple of times. No wonder, they had worked together since 1973 and must have been friends in real life. Suddenly he has to joke (even with good taste) about his dead friend. Must have been difficult. A bit surprisingly, Pearl, a dragon lady, shows plenty of humanity, asking several times if Cleggy is ok, and taking his arm when walking towards funeral. She certainly is soft under her armour.

I did not even notice that Wesley had disappeared, until Entwistle appeared with his Toyota. I wondered why this character was created, and realised Wesley had not appeared for a while, and the characters needed transport. Eli disappeared silently too, just like Edie..... Nora Batty went to Australia to see her sister, i suppose she was ill, the crew not knowing if she will come back or not (she did, until last year). When your cast is 70-80 years old, you must accept that they will not be here forever, whether we like it or not.

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When Truly replaced Foggy, the implication was that Foggy had left with a woman, as the actor, Brian Wilde, was only supposed to be temporarily gone from the series, due to illness. Brian Wilde only died in 2008

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When Bill Owen died, it was very sudden and had a profound effect on many of the people with whom he'd worked throughout his long career. Off screen he was such an incredible gentleman, very little like his LOTSW character, though he had plenty of Compo's spirit in him.

When he was first interviewed for the role of Compo, Sallis wasn't sure he'd be right for the part because his presence was so proper and professional. When Mr. Owen arrived for the first day of filming, in tattered clothes, holes in his shoes, and un-shaved, it was clear he was the only man capable of being Compo.

After Mr. Owen's death, his son Tom Owen joined the cast, playing Compo's son. He'd been on the show previously, and was welcomed back with open arms.

The episodes surrounding Mr. Owen's death are the most touching, heartfelt tributes I've ever encountered on screen.

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I've seen the "Death" episodes several times and every single time I can't help but well up.

Unfortunately I think the arrival of Compo's son ruined the whole thing. The acting is appalling, I know what they were trying to do, but it just didn't work. Tom Owen just can't act, unfortunately.