Laverne & Shirley : So when do you think Laverne&Shirley 'jumped the shark'

So when do you think Laverne&Shirley 'jumped the shark'

any thoughts???

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When Shirley married and moved out (Cindy Williams left.)

Time for "The Laverne Show!"

Most say it's th move to California
but ,having 'only' Penny was even sillier.

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Re: So when do you think Laverne+Shirley 'jumped the shark'

A bit before Shirley married, when the girls moved to Burbank in season 6

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The move to California. I like to headcanon anything after season 5 out of existence. Esp. season 8. It's not just Shirley's absence, but Lenny's too. Lenny is my fave character and he's in what, 3 or 4 eps in the last season?

Putting Laverne & Lenny together is probably the only thing that would've saved it for me.

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The show lost it completely for me after they moved to California. It probably should have ended instead of trying something new.

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I wouldn't say it "jumped the shark" starting with season four, but I have been watching every season in chronological order over the last couple of months and I notice a big change in the quality of the show between seasons 3 and 4. The story lines got so stupid and the whole idea of Laverne and Shirley living together until their ships came in began to wear thin.

If they wanted so much to get married and have kids, then why were they buying art for their apartment together? Why were Shirley and Carmine shown dating pretty much exclusively, making out in almost every episode, and saying that they loved each other, yet their relationship never progressed, in the typical fashion of their times, into marriage and kids?

It just seems that by season 4 the writers had used up about every logical story line that they could come up with that would fit with the premise of the characters so they started coming up with pure nonsense. "Super Market Sweep"...Laverne and Shirley acting absolutely idiotic in a 20'x20' 1970s supermarket full of modern day products. No one would act like they did in that store, it was absurd. "The Feminine Mistake"...while I did enjoy this one to some extent because Jay Leno was in it, no one would remotely go to the extreme that Laverne did to show a man that she had a feminine side. Not only was the southern belle look over the top, but would anyone really change the way they speak and not expect the guy to think that they were weird?

IDK, just for me, I notice a big disconnect between the first three seasons and season four, to the point where I am actually skipping some episodes for the first time. I am kind of dreading getting to the California episodes, because I vaguely remember some of them from when they were originally broadcast and I think they were even way worse. That probably is when L & S truly jumped the shark.