Laverne & Shirley : Favorite California Episode?

Favorite California Episode?

I think everyone concurs that the show went down the tubes when Laverne, Shirley and some of their friends and family moved to California. There were three seasons in California. The last of which was without Cindy Williams. There were a few funny moments in California. I think my favorite California episode was "I Do, I Do" with special guests Peter Noone and Eric Idle as English musicians who want to marry American girls to become citizens.

Is that episode still in syndication? It may have been pulled or heavily edited due to drug use. Lenny and Squiggy smoked marijuana, Laverne and Shirley ate pot brownies, and there was even cocaine at the party they attended. I do not condone illegal or legal drugs, but don't believe in censorship. I could understand why a family oriented cable channel would not want to show that episode.

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"I do, I do", the episode that had the girls almost marry British rockers is terrific, and one of my favorite California episodes. My other favorite is "Sing, Sing, Sing" where Lenny and Laverne sing a duet.

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I thought of one good episode without Cindy Williams. Laverne decided to be a Playboy bunny on "The Playboy Show" episode. Penny Marshall's close friend Carrie Fisher appeared as a guest as Cathy, another aspiring bunny.

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The Playboy Show was a very funny episode that had Carrie Fisher wearing a Bunny outfit. I will always thank the people that put her in that outfit.

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I liked the one where they were cast as extras in the caveman movie.

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Wonga, wonga, wonga! I forgot about that one, it was hilarious!

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That was a good one.

Re: Favorite California Episode?

"I Do, I Do" is also my favorite California episode.

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The extras in the caveman episode had me in stitches when I saw it.

I also liked when they had to break into the boss's office to get a letter back Laverne had written telling him off because they thought they were fired and instead they got a raise. It was a two-parter.

Part one ended with how getting the letter back by turning off all the alarm systems was supposed to go, and part two was how it all really turned out, ending with a hilarious revelation from the boss' secretary (even more, you see the secretary get dizzy from the dancing).

When this episode aired, for some reason, part two was exempt and I don't know how long it was before I finally saw part two, but it had me rolling, mainly because I didn't seem to understand part one was how it was supposed to go. I thought that was how it really went down.

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Easily "The Dating Game", which incidentally airs on Monday, 11/2/15. Lenny and Squiggy carried this show in its later years (not that they weren't funny before that, or that Laverne and Shirley weren't funny latterly).

"A Child's Play", with the Little Miss Muffet skit, is good too.

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Richard Moll (Bull Shannon from Night Court) appeared as a crook who ended up handcuffed to Shirley and I remember it being funny, mainly for him. She was reacting to him basically like he was a tall Squiggy. Truthfully, he was like a Lenny and Squiggy combination.

Bit of a weak plot development (extra sauce?) but Cindy Williams and Moll worked well together.

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MY Top 15 Of Nov. 1980- May 1983
(November because the '80-'81 season started late due to an actors strike.):

01. Sing, Sing, Sing - Carmine & Shirley perform a beautiful duet at Cowboy Bill's. Laverne too, wants to sing as pretty a song as they did. Carmine gives her voice lessons and Lenny also tries to help. but it just may be Squiggy has the real answer for her.

Happi : My favorite because I like how everyone tries to help Laverne to sing better & prepare for the show but Squiggy's able to just let her know in 100% honesty ,that her voice is not right for ballads.

In other words, a great ep. about what real friends do to help each-other and honesy is one of those things. The songs are great too. Ever since I saw it on ABC "Standin' On the Corner" has never left my head.

* * * * * * * * * *

02. Not Quite New York - For the touching farewell montagew. the Beatles' "Yesterday" (Replaced by other music on DVD). Plus ,the girls leaving the brewery by squirting mustard & ketchup all over Mr. Shotz' picture after getting fired.

03. The Bardwell Caper - 2 part show. L&S with help from the guys need to retrieve nasty note they sent to their boss ,by breaking into the dept. store.

04. The Dating Game - A hilarious Lenny & Squiggy show.

05. The Other Woman - When Shirley dates a
man separated from his wife, who looks very much like her

06. The Defiant One Shirley's unwittingly swept up at a foiled bank robbery scene, as police mistake her for a gang member. Happi : Richard Moll is great in this one!

07. But seriously Folks - Carmine attempts stand up by insulting his friends.

08. Helmut Weekend - Squiggy's con-artist dad left him when he was age 9. Now he shows up 20 years later hoping to reconnect. Squiggy wonders if will he really make up for lost time or ditch him again at age 29?

09. Whatever Happened to the Class of '56? - The girls & Carmine fly to Miluakee for a Class Of '56 reunion. Only to find out that Lenny & Squiggy wrote a letter. The girls are hot new movie stars and Carmine's a Vegas sensation. Will they fess up to their peers or keep it a secret?

10. The Note - Laverne & Carmine return with 1st prize, a crib, from a dance contest. Only to find Shirley & her things gone. Laverne finds a short farewell note. Making her hurt that Shirley didn't do so in person, after living together for 11 years. ( Happi :I play this one like it's the 'last' episode.)

11. I Wonder What Became of Sal? - 10 years after Laverne & sailor Sal Malina, broke off their engagement, he shows up in Burbank. Certain their being more mature will make a difference. Will love finally bloom for two & lead to I do?

12. Lightning Man - Carmine's hit by lightning and it gives him the delusion he's now invulnerable to anything. Squiggy sees dollar signs and dubs him "Lightning Man". Signing Carmine up for dangerous stunts. Will these two see they're crossing dangerous wires?

13. Malibu Mansion - Cowboy Bill has L&S watch his place & they have a party.

14. The Rock and Roll Show - Impressed by Chuck's chops on the harmonica, Laverne advises him to start a band. He does so with his co-workers from the Aero-Space Factory. With Laverne's help, can these misfits of science become a '60s rock & roll "mod" squad?

15. Do the Carmine - Attempting to become a singer, Carmine writes & records a very catchy dance song that catches fire but the lyrics burn the ears of 1960s, almost militant, censorship.


#1. Ghost Story - Absolutely ridiculous and impossible + playing 1982's
Chariots Of Fire over the racing scene ,when the show is set in 1966/1967.

2. Crime Isn't Pretty -
Absolutely lame story idea, like something you'd see on Gilligan's Island.

3. Perfidy In Blue -
Really just boring for me. A few laughs but not much elese.

4. Please Don't Feed The Buzzards - A treasure map & the men heading
out to the desert to find their fortune. Again ,Gilligan's Island territory.

5. I Do, I Do (Sorry fans, but I just don't find 'stoner' humor funny.)

( ME-TV started the Cali. episodes last night. )

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I liked it throughout it's run. There were funny episodes even after Shirley left. Shirley was more the straight comedic one but she sometime drug down Laverne like a wet blanket.

One of my all time favorite episodes is the one in which a pregnant Sgt. Plout visits Laverne.

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Okay ,to be fair < I do think the Playboy episode was good.

Mainly as it was interesting, then, to see
Carrie Fisher outside her Princess Leia role.

I guess that would make it favorite (Cali.) episode #16.

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