Team America: World Police : What…no sequel?

What…no sequel?

I viewed this movie again today.....I hadn't seen it in ten years. Sad that we're still dealing with terrorism now...the movie really hasn't aged.

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Trey and Matt were pretty open about not enjoying the experience of making this movie ... apparently it was a logistical nightmare

So, while I agree with your post and think this film is a masterpiece, I highly doubt we'll ever get a sequel ... in the same format, at least

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It is more current than ever, following along with the advice the man at the bar gave to
Gary, regarding dicks preventing the a__holes from covering everything in S? Who could have predicted that Weiner's emails would be the weak link that broke it all open? Amazing! LOL

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This result reminds me of Team American the movie by the South Park guys. That movie showed was an exaggeration of the smugness of the left and the celebrity and media culture that presumes to speak for everyone. Susan Sarandon and Alec Baldwin even have key roles.

That no newspaper endorsed Trump and that so many "mainstream" media entities endorsed Clinton and painted Trump as the clown (he is of course) surely pissed off a lot of voters and motivated them. Also he puts people in a trance and his voters liked that crazy rhetoric.

Not sure what Clinton herself did wrong. FBI surely *beep* her in the end though.


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