A Chorus Line : Paul is a physical therapist

Paul is a physical therapist

So my Mom had her hip replaced this past summer and has been going to physical therapy. She causally asks the guy if he's always done this for a living. He says no, he was a professional dancer. She responded where, he said all over. After a little more conversation, it turns out he tells her he played Paul in A Chorus Line! Sure enough, her therapist is Cameron English! I about died when she told me today! I used to watch the movie every night as a kid and basically had the soundtrack memorized!
Just thought I'd share!

Very cool--thanks.

Thanks for posting that--very interesting to know. I'm going to try again sometime soon to watch this movie. Many years ago, not long after its run in cinemas, I tried to watch it but just couldn't stomach it for very long at all. As with the movie of SWEENEY TODD, I simply couldn't bear watching what they'd done to a great, brilliant show (I'm determined to force myself to watch the full SWEENEY movie too, sometime, and may even torture myself by trying to make it through the Glenn Close, made-for-TV SOUTH PACIFIC; that Matthew Broderick/Kristin Chenoweth MUSIC MAN, though, is just too horrible to even try again with it). Since I never got to Paul's big scene, I look forward to seeing what Cameron English does with it. Funny to think that, if he could go way back in time, and into a fictional world, he could provide therapy to Paul after his acident.

I am glad the movie gave you such pleasure as a kid, and don't mean to be rude. I think this movie did do some good, by bringing some people to musical theater, and it can't be completely without worth if it brought you and others enjoyment.

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