Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood : Not as good as I remember

Not as good as I remember

Just seen it and I must say the makeup effects on Jason were cool, but the movie was kind of a letdown because it seemed like the kills were yet again censored. This bothers me about the Friday the 13th series. It seems like most of the kills in this series were censored by the MPAA. Which is kind of weird because I remember Nightmare on Elm Street having pretty graphic kills during this time period.

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Yeah, it is a letdown... Almost all of it, not including that awesome Jason make up.

And you're right about the 'Nightmare' movies being occassionally WAY more graphic than this, but somehow getting away scott free with it. The 'puppet sleep walker death' in 'Dream Warriors' comes to mind. It still - to this day - is pretty disgusting.

That being said, I still kind of like 'The New Blood' though, mostly because it really is the coolest Jason has ever looked. :-)

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Yeah, that's puzzling to me, too. FTT can't have 2 extra seconds showing someone's head being crushed, but NOES could show blood gushing from a bed and covering the ceiling.

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that's been a problem with this whole series. it's way sanitized and it's weird bc this series always got credit for being the films that started a trend in slasher movies having extreme and explicit violence.

they were always known for being very violent and the first slasher films to be very violent but they weren't that violent bc often times they would cut away or not show extreme violence.

i was very not entertained by this film. i thought it was mostly boring.