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Song relevance

I can see why they'd want to include a beautiful song like Wind beneath my wings, but does the song really fit the story? The lyrics are about a person who is constantly supportive of the singer, in spite of being slighted. Does that really fit Hillary? On the contrary, she seemed to be resentful of Ceci much of the film.

A funny thought: through most of the film, I was wondering who the hero was going to be. There had to be a hero in the story since the song was included. For awhile I thought it might be John Pierce (John Heard). And in some ways I think he actually does fit that role better than Hillary. He's long-suffering in spite of slights. But of course this is primarily a story about relationships between women, so that wouldn't work.

Don Novello, in one of his Lazlo Toth books, proposed an ad jingle to one of the shoe companies, with the title, "The feet wihin my shoes":

"Did I ever tell you you're my hero's,
Tho' you're the farthest parts of me
I can run faster than a Beagle,
You are the feet beneath my knees."

Pretty classic, huh?

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hilary was stronger than CC and CC resented that. notice how CC never wanted to show weakness.. throughout the whole movie, even at the funeral she stayed composed. hilary was her hero because she was 'everything she wished she could be.' she was mature and strong and wasn't worried about seeming vulnerable.

and ofcourse hilary resented CCs free spiritedness but she 'was content(more or less) to let her shine'

"did you ever know that youre my hero" is basically.. CC admitting how important hilary is to her despite all their arguing/jealousy

i think the song fits perfectly

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ccvanished, you just made me cry. Jesus what a beautiful film. I cry just thinking of it although I've seen it a hundred times already. I got the Beaches 2 book but I'm still not sure if I really wanna read it. The ending of the first one was so perfect. (Not to mention that I've read Beaches 2 was ever more emotional Can I really handle it? lol)

And yes, the song does fit perfectly.

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