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Series 11

Now that I've watched all the episodes from Series 11, I have to say it just wasn't that good. As others have mentioned, it relied heavily on ideas from earlier series. I think the problem - aside from not being particularly funny (and needing Rob Grant to return as co-writer to remedy that) - is that it lacked an overall arc and a purpose or goal for the characters.

From this series and the last series there were ideas they should've continued, to give the show momentum. Like Lister trying to improve himself and learn something new (from Series 10) and Rimmer learning more about his real father who he was, and how that affects who he is now.

(Kryten and Cat are more difficult. Kryten went through a middle-age crisis, and Cat through parenthood, but they really they haven't changed much since Series 6 due to the nature of their characters.)

It feels like four old men drifting around in space aimlessly, without any thought of where they're going. They're not looking for Earth. They're not looking for Red Dwarf. They're not looking for Kochanski. They're not even looking for their creator. Where are they going? I guess I'm saying it just feels tired. Maybe they should just stop the show after the next series.

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I think decent Red Dwarf is still more enjoyable than most other comedies today and I am genuinely looking forward to series XII next year but I do hope the storylines are a little more original than they've been this year and that they have more depth and more laughs..

Even with the series final last night, there were a few chuckles to be had and the initial idea of Cat finally meeting a female Cat was a decent one but the episode didn't spend that long on Cat meeting a mate and even then, she turned out to be a polymorpth - though I did enjoy the moment Cat 'gave birth' and the baby Polymorpths turning into 'cute things' to prevent themselves from being abandoned / killed.

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I can't wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I wouldn't put series XI up there with II-VI - the writing for Rimmer isn't as good or as original IMO and more special effects puts less focus on character-driven humour - but each to their own.

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Lemons was genius, Jesus Christ man, I can't stop laughing. Even my wife who doesn't like Red Dwarf started to like the show after she couldn't resist laughing at Lemons!!!

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Series 10 was better, in my opinion.

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I thought it was pretty good. Not up to the show at its best but far from the embarrassing mess that some series are.

I'd rank them:
Series 5 - 8.5/10
Series 6 - 8/10
Series 3 - 8/10
Series 4 - 7.5/10
Series 10 - 7/10
Series 2 - 7/10
Series 1 - 7/10
Series 9 - 7/10
Series 11 - 7/10
Series 7 - 6.5/10
Series 8 - 6/10

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