Red Dwarf : Can of Worms

Can of Worms

Abrupt endings... hmm, how about an abrupt beginning.

We start with the sudden apearance of a personality device -- from where?

It's a shame they feel the need to regurgitate Gelfs and Polymorphs. They really need to produce some new ideas. I get that they trying to recapture the series 3 - 6 feel but that's no excuse to churn out old material.

That all being said,this was probably my favourite episode in the run. Laughed more than I did with any of the others so far. The gag about the life signs was probably the funniest joke in the whole series.

A good episode.

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The whole series seems to be something of a "Greatest Hits Reunion Tour". They've already reused stasis leaks, duplicate Rimmers, justice zones and a few other ideas. Gelfs and Polymorphs are just the next stops on the road to remakes of Backwards and Gunmen of the Apocalypse.

Having said that, I liked Can of Worms. They possibly overdid the Cat's "I'm not..." sequence as they approached the asteroid belt, but not to the same extent that they overplayed other jokes in earlier episodes this series. I liked the life signs joke, although it would have been better if they hadn't been using half of it in the trailers for the last two months. I also liked Cat's closing scene a lot.

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Series XI is definitely like a greatest hits, mainly of series 5 and 6. That's maybe OK for one season - I hope series XII, complete with at least 1 old cast member, will be a bit more leisurely and back on Red Dwarf (to be different, as all Red Dwarf series are).

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I concur that this series is a greatest hits approach. But I think they pulled it off wonderfully. They've reused themes and concepts, but didn't directly ape old material. It was just enough of a subtle touch. If this is what it took to get the series back on track, then good job. If the show here on out is gonna be rehash, then that's a problem.

It's Always Sunny had some fun reusing old ideas, but then they kept doing it. The show dove head first into rut city.

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Bar the really rushed start, thought this was a great episode that paid homage to series 6..... even the script felt like it was using elements of the binned script for a Cat episode that was planned for series 6/7 (one Chris reads through on one of the DVD extra's).

This really has been a hit or miss series.

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The whole series felt like remakes of old episodes - it's a safe bet, in that you know you're going to laugh at certain things, but it's not very inspired...

It seems that Doug Naylor can only do original OR funny; he can't do both together... It's been said before, but I REALLY miss Rob Grant! (that aside, this series has definitely been the most consistent of Doug Naylor's solo efforts. )

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More like Crap of Worms...Doug Naylor doesn't have a creative bone left in his tired body.

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Keep going morons, get the show cancelled and have no more Red Dwarf at all. Smeg headed gimboids.