Field of Dreams : Did Ray's father

Did Ray's father

actually know that was his son standing in front of him because he wasn't acting familiar with him at all.

And, I also like to believe that Terrence Mann went into the corn but would be allowed to return.

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Re: Did Ray's father

Yes he did know because when Ray called him Dad he didn't hesitate for a second.

Terrence Mann talked about writing again and how going into the corn was going to be the biggest story he ever wrote. So it's implied that yes he would be returning. His whole purpose for being there was to go into the corn so he could come back and start writing again.

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Re: Did Ray's father

Well, then. A sequel is in order. The Mann from the Corn.

Re: Did Ray's father

I don't know it is hard to say, whether he knew or not that his son was standing in front of him, before he asked his father "hey Dad, do you want to have a catch?" And He said I like that, but this is one of these questions that I would say your guess is as good as mine or maybe even better then mine if he knew or not.